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You’ll definitely go “Ahhmahgawd!” when you taste our signature first creatio..

Te Amo! HK

Te Amo! HK Named by our HK chef, Te Amo is made with so much love! Ingredients: Chicken ..

AMGD + C Carbs

Ingredients: Grilled Black Pepper Chicken  Roasted pumpkins   烤南瓜 Touch of ..

Dot Dot Dot

Ingredients: Grilled Honey Chicken Stuffed Courgette  蜜糖烤雞肉翠玉瓜卷 Soba  蕎麥麵 Mixed ..


Ingredients: Garlic Chicken Fillet Red Rice   紅米飯 Pineapple   菠蘿 Cab..


Ingredients: Grilled Honey Chicken Mixed greens  沙律菜 Red & Green Bell Pepper &nbs..

Come True

Ingredients: Garlic Chicken Fillet Mixed Greens    沙律菜 Roasted Onion  ..

Cloud 9

The rustic flavours of Christmas paired with exotic flavours of dragon fruit – just ..

Yours Truly

“Let great food be your company when I can’t be there...” Yours Truly  Ing..

Braveheart HK

*Specially created by the head chef from AMGD Singapore!*   Ingredients: Ome..