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Ingredients:            Chopped Beef​&n..

Fresh Balsam

Ingredients: Grilled beef   燒牛肉 Mixed greens   沙律菜 Pineapples  &n..

Triple M

Ingredients: Chicken Fillet without skin   烤雞扒 (去皮) Quinoa   藜麥 Mixed ..

Diamond Mist

Ingredients: Chicken Leg without skin   烤雞髀 (去皮) Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Bl..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce羅馬生菜 Portobello Mushroom 大啡菇 Avocado 牛油果 Dragon..

Midnight Blue

Ingredients: Boneless Chicken 雞肉 Fusilli Pasta  螺絲粉 Blueberries 藍莓 Almond&nb..

French Kiss

Ingredients: Grilled salmon   香烤三文魚 Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Purple cabbage&..

It's Coming Home

Ingredients: Garlic chicken Aglio olio pasta Parmesan sprinkle Sautéed mushrooms ..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce 羅馬生菜 Red Green Yellow Bell Pepper 三色椒 Red Onions..


We all know Black Beauty? Well, meet the chicken version of the meal inspired by one of our long tim..