At Peace! HK

At Peace! HK

At Peace! HK

At Peace everywhere we go!


  • Seared New York Beef  燒牛肉 
  • Mixed greens  沙律菜
  • Strawberries  士多啤梨
  • Pineapple  菠蘿
  • Corn  栗米粒
  • Onion pieces  洋蔥粒
  • Cherry Tomatoes  車厘茄
  • Fried shallots  炸紅蔥頭
  • Golden Raisins  提子乾
  • Walnuts  核桃

Dressing: Honey Almond

493 kcal

“From 1st Dec 2019, NO CUTLERIES WILL BE PROVIDED. We’re introducing an OPT-IN CUTLERY policy, a step forward to help reduce plastic waste, to do better for our planet ." - AMGD

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