Naughty And Nice

Naughty And Nice

Healthy roasted chicken on an assortment of crunchy and juicy vegetables, paired with a side of bow-tie pasta. Who says you can't be both naughty AND nice?


  • Boneless Chicken Thigh
  • Farfalle Pasta (bow-tie pasta)  蝴蝶粉
  • Mixed Greens  沙律菜
  • Cherry Tomatoes  車厘茄
  • Blanched Carrots  燙蘿蔔
  • Steamed Broccoli  蒸西蘭花
  • Walnuts  核桃
  • Dried Cranberries  紅莓乾​
  • Red Onions  紅洋蔥

Dressing: Honey Almond


670 kcal

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