Special Diets

400 - 499 kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy


You’ll definitely go “Ahhmahgawd!” when you taste our signature first creatio..

At Peace! HK

At Peace everywhere we go! Ingredients: Seared New York Beef  燒牛肉  Mixed greens..

AMGD + C Carbs

Ingredients: Grilled Black Pepper Chicken  Roasted pumpkins   烤南瓜 Touch of ..

Your Day

Ingredients:            Seared Sirloin ..


Spread the love with Charity! Ingredients: Fusilli Pasta  螺絲粉 Purple Onions&nbs..

Cloud 9

The rustic flavours of Christmas paired with exotic flavours of dragon fruit – just ..

Passion with an S

[VEGETARIAN] This unique combination will make you come back for more AMGD….. Ingredients:..

Yours Truly

“Let great food be your company when I can’t be there...” Yours Truly  Ing..


They say all memories will be forgotten but this memory will definitely not! The Teriyaki grilled sa..

Braveheart HK

*Specially created by the head chef from AMGD Singapore!*   Ingredients: Ome..