Special Diets

Special Diets

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  • Spicy

Triple M

Ingredients: Chicken Fillet without skin   烤雞扒 (去皮) Quinoa   藜麥 Mixed ..


Have an Autongtik meal of chicken satay with peanut sauce together with our zesty lemon dressing! ..


Gembo! A unique twist of satay meets healthy and delicious ingredients! Ingredients: ..


BAM, this is too BAM good! Because ‘dam’ is too mainstream!  Ingredients: ..

Diamond Mist

Ingredients: Chicken Leg without skin   烤雞髀 (去皮) Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Bl..

One Story HK

*Specially created by the head chef from AMGD Singapore!*   Ingredients: Veg..

Waff Into Love

Waff Into Love with our healthy and delicious egg waffles with mixed greens, nuts and fresh fruits! ..

Peaceful Rainbow

All natural. All taste. All delicious. Make peace with your body and mind after having a go at the a..

Midnight Blue

Ingredients: Boneless Chicken 雞肉 Fusilli Pasta  螺絲粉 Blueberries 藍莓 Almond&nb..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce羅馬生菜 Portobello Mushroom 大啡菇 Avocado 牛油果 Dragon..