New Creations

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Ingredients:            Chopped Beef​&n..

Fresh Balsam

Ingredients: Grilled beef   燒牛肉 Mixed greens   沙律菜 Pineapples  &n..

Triple M

Ingredients: Chicken Fillet without skin   烤雞扒 (去皮) Quinoa   藜麥 Mixed ..

Diamond Mist

Ingredients: Chicken Leg without skin   烤雞髀 (去皮) Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Bl..

Midnight Blue

Ingredients: Boneless Chicken 雞肉 Fusilli Pasta  螺絲粉 Blueberries 藍莓 Almond&nb..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce羅馬生菜 Portobello Mushroom 大啡菇 Avocado 牛油果 Dragon..

French Kiss

Ingredients: Grilled salmon   香烤三文魚 Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Purple cabbage&..


We all know Black Beauty? Well, meet the chicken version of the meal inspired by one of our long tim..

It's Coming Home

Ingredients: Garlic chicken Aglio olio pasta Parmesan sprinkle Sautéed mushrooms ..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce 羅馬生菜 Red Green Yellow Bell Pepper 三色椒 Red Onions..