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300-399 Kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Whole Sum

What’s half plus half? Get your whole sum need of nutrition from this one meal! You will whole..


BAM, this is too BAM good! Because ‘dam’ is too mainstream!  Ingredients: ..


Gembo! A unique twist of satay meets healthy and delicious ingredients! Ingredients: ..

Peaceful Rainbow

All natural. All taste. All delicious. Make peace with your body and mind after having a go at the a..

Diamond Mist

Ingredients: Chicken Leg without skin   烤雞髀 (去皮) Mixed Greens   沙律菜 Bl..

One Story HK

*Specially created by the head chef from AMGD Singapore!*   Ingredients: Veg..


*Specially created by the head chef from AMGD Singapore!*   はると, ハルト (haruto),&nbs..

Steady Fit.F

#WeightManagement #Women Ingredients: 50g whole grain pasta 100g grilled chicken&nbs..

Energy Fit.F

#MuscleBuilding #Women Ingredients: Baked Sweet Potatoes Lean Beef Mixed Greens, Cherry..

Balance Fit.M

#WeightManagement #Men Ingredients: 4 egg white and 1 whole egg 150g mixed greens and ..