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You Yu! HK

You Yu! HK

Abundance and surplus for YOU!


  • Grilled salmon  香烤三文魚
  • Mixed greens  沙律菜
  • Avocado  牛油果
  • Longan  龍眼
  • Onion  洋蔥
  • Grapes  提子
  • Carrot  蘿蔔
  • Purple cabbages  紫椰菜
  • Lemon  檸檬
  • Smoked Almond  烤杏仁
  • Sesame seeds  芝麻

Dressing: Balsamic vinaigrette


500 kcal

**You Yu! HK is part of the AMGD UPSIZE, INTENSE SERIES! Top up $28 for every INTENSE meal and pay the difference as you check-out.

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