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200-299 kcal

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Mission Possible HK!

Ingredients: Seared Sirlon Beef  燒牛肉 Cherry Tomatoes  車厘茄 Mixed Greens  沙律菜..

Fresh Balsam

Ingredients: Grilled beef   燒牛肉 Mixed greens   沙律菜 Pineapples  &n..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce羅馬生菜 Portobello Mushroom 大啡菇 Avocado 牛油果 Dragon..


Ingredients: Chicken 雞肉 Romaine Lettuce 羅馬生菜 Red Green Yellow Bell Pepper 三色椒 Red Onions..

Balance Fit.F

#WeightManagement #Women Ingredients: 3 egg white 100g mixed greens and baby carrots 10..