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BAM, this is too BAM good! Because ‘dam’ is too mainstream!  Ingredients: ..


Ingredients: Scallop with Mango Salsa   香煎帶子配芒果莎莎  Quinoa   藜麥 Mi..


Ingredients: Roasted Spring Chicken (half) with Rosemary​   迷迭香燒春雞 (半隻)  Mixe..


Let this meal Light up your day! Ingredients: Grilled Salmon  香烤三文魚 Mixed greens &nb..


Gembo! A unique twist of satay meets healthy and delicious ingredients! Ingredients: ..


Ingredients:            Chopped Beef​&n..

Peaceful Rainbow

All natural. All taste. All delicious. Make peace with your body and mind after having a go at the a..

Let's Walk

Our boiled prawns complemented with sliced green apples on a stick as well as our sesame dressing gi..

Come True

Ingredients: Garlic Chicken Fillet (can select chicken leg/ fillet/ breast)   蒜..


A lovely meal named after one of our most ardent fan! Who knows you might have a meal named after yo..