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NEW 9.9.18

  • Chef Recommendation
  • Spicy

Happy Aquarium

Ingredients: Chukalidako 芝麻八爪魚  Chuka Tsubu 日式螺肉  Sushi rice + Red Rice  紅米..


Ingredients: Tuna fishcake 吞拿魚餅 Rice with mushroom 磨菇飯 Brocolli 西蘭花 Cauliflower 椰菜花 ..


Ingredients: Salad 沙律菜 Fusilli pasta 螺絲粉 Yellow zucchini 黃意大利瓜 Green zucchini 青意大利瓜 Eg..


Ingredients: Curry minced lamb 咖哩羊肉碎 Salad 沙律菜 Red apples 紅蘋果 Honeydew 水蜜桃 Beetroot 紅菜..